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January mood.

January 2024

January — it’s a new year (already) filled with infinite meetings. Weekends in coffee shops and galleries and finding interesting antiques in old warehouses.

August mood

August 2023

August — Travel. Delays. COVID. Broken AC. It’s too damn hot and humid for humans! I just cannot seem to think straight when it’s like this.

July mood

July 2023

July — 4th of July … yay! It’s too warm and humid for someone who grew up in “the North,” and, for some inexplicable reason, I decided to join a gym. I’ll blame it on …

Unpacking boxes.

May 2023

May — more insanity! Work, travel, unpacking, not finding stuff, but finding 5 kinds of hammers and 3 types of mallets, selling the old home, infinite paperwork. Ugh!