Meeples on a game board
Image credit: Pixabay

Social ME-dia III

Some time ago, I decided to delete my Facebook and Twitter accounts. I also removed the Instagram app from my phone, and my social media presence is now (more or less) limited to Mastodon.

Why? One (long) word: enshittification! I simply don’t like being on those other platforms.

Conversely, I feel that I “found my tribe” on Mastodon. There are so many interesting people there posting tons of interesting stuff. I’m also spending a bit more time on a few select Reddit forums and am keeping half an eye on LinkedIn, mainly for work-related things.

I deleted my Medium account but kept my Youtube and (locked down) Instagram account (for now). And, occasionally, I may be lurking on Threads when bored out of my mind and stuck on some mindless call. Guilty pleasures, for sure, and only consumed using browsers. I also had to get a new Facebook account as our HOA and neighborhood organization only post updates there. But again, I have no apps on my phone or tablet and only visit the site as needed.

For Mastodon, though, I have installed the excellent “Ice Cubes” app on both phone and tablet. On my laptop, I use the browser and access the Mastodon web app, which is pretty good and more than enough for my needs.

In short, I’m still very pleased with my move to the fediverse, and I definitely do not miss Twitter or Facebook. I may also delete my Pinterest and Tumblr accounts shortly and further reduce my digital footprint. And no, I will not get accounts on Bluesky or TikTok either.