Person waiting at an airport
Image credit: Kelly

Sunday afternoon at the airport

Sunday afternoon. Late July. Airport at gate C3. My flight is delayed … again. People everywhere. Sitting. Standing. Walking. Running.

I’ve been traveling almost every week lately. And lately, almost all my flights have been delayed. Oh well.

Listening to music. Reading. Thinking. Waiting. Staring at the ceiling. Staring out the window. Checking the information board. Checking the airline app. Waiting.

Watching people. Bored people. Stressed people. Oblivious people. Excited people. Totally chill people. People traveling for work. People going on vacation. People going home.

With my noise-canceling headset on, it feels like walking through a movie. I can’t hear the people. I can’t hear the noise. The music is the soundtrack.

People talking on their phones. People looking at their phones. People trying to charge their phones. People looking for their phones. People looking for outlets to charge their phones.

People. Phones. Tablets. Laptops. Headsets. Books. Nobody reads newspapers or magazines. Crossword puzzles. Sudoku. People in their own worlds.

Suitcases. Roll-aboards. Strollers. Backpacks. Handbags. Tote bags. So many bags.

People. So many people. Happy people. Tired people. Young people. Old people. All kinds of people. Where are they all going?

Sunday afternoon at the airport.

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P.S. I originally wrote this post sometime last year and published it on Medium. However, I recently decided not to publish on that platform and instead focus on building this blog.