January mood.
Image credit: David Kanigan

January 2024

A new year. A longer year … it’s a leap year! We are back to work, and the meetings are filling the calendar. They are trickling in like water from a leaky faucet. Filling every nook and cranny of a work schedule. When are we supposed to get work done? But the weekends are free to spend in coffee shops pondering life’s mysteries. Or sitting at home reading, or writing, or doing whatever.

Here goes January:

  • Meetings … so many meetings — I seriously think there’s a gremlin in my Outlook calendar that sneaks in new meetings when I look away 😏
  • Coffee shops — going to coffee shops with daughter and making sure to eat pastries to properly balance out any possible progress towards a healthy living I may make when I go to the gym a million times per week. Yes, I know it’s self-defeating … but I like pastries with my coffee.
  • Teenager is no longer teenager — one realizes how one is when one’s children are suddenly all grown up. I’m old!
  • Antiques and weird old stuff — free weekends also mean rummaging through “antiques” in warehouses and stores. And no, not everything is a “diamond in the rough” … sometimes junk is just that, junk 😑

Short version: January — it’s a new year (already) filled with infinite meetings. Weekends in coffee shops and galleries and finding interesting antiques in old warehouses.