August mood
Image credit: Richa Sharma

August 2023

More summer in North Carolina … and not in a good way! It’s so hot and humid that I cannot think straight. I’m trying to get into some groove with exercise and work and stuff. But it’s still early days. And apropos “early,” very early mornings are humid but are somewhat tolerable in terms of temperature. So, more early-morning coffee on the patio 🙂

Phew, here’s August:

  • More work, more travel, and lousy travel karma — lately, virtually all my flights have been delayed. And often, it’s been very long delays. Fortunately, though, I don’t have to worry about connections. So, while the delays are inconvenient, they don’t result in unplanned layovers at some airport hotels.
  • Spending 💰💰💰 on AC — it was bound to happen, so it happened: our AC died … in August! So we had to spend 💰💰💰 on fixing it. 💰💰💰 that could have been spent on vacation or some other “fun” stuff. But no, the weather gods decided we should spend it fixing the AC. Also, is it my imagination, or does everything in a house always cost 💰💰💰 to repair? 🥵
  • COVID — it was bound to happen, and it happened. Ugh, this was really not fun 🤒
  • The gym — yes, I’m still doing it! And it’s not horrible. In fact, I don’t hate it at all, and I even run some early mornings on the trails around here. Hmm, maybe there is hope for me yet 😉

Short version: August — Travel. Delays. COVID. Broken AC. It’s too damn hot and humid for humans! I just cannot seem to think straight when it’s like this.