Gingerbread Christmas tree
Image credit: Ylanite Koppens

December 2023

Phew! We made it through 2023 in more or less one piece. What a year! Sold an old home and moved to a new city. Went from endless yard work on weekends to relaxing do-whatever-I-want weekends. A trip to Europe. A teenager went back to college. And yes, even this year, COVID is still a thing, so we got yet another booster.

Here is December:

  • No business trips — there was no need to travel this month, which is actually kinda nice.
  • Holidays and vacation — Christmas and New Year’s Eve were nice and quiet. Vacation time to recharge. It was a long year, and it felt nice not doing much of anything for a bit!
  • No yardwork … yay! — no leaves to rake, no weeds to keep after, no tree branches to trim, no gophers to chase 🙂
  • New projects — have been coding a bit and writing about it … so much fun! 🤓
  • Not sure I’m looking forward to the new year — already know that 2024 will be a crazy year. It’ll be a busy year. Lots of things are planned. And lots of stuff will happen whether we want to or not. But, one day at a time … right? 🙂

Short version: December — we made it through yet another year. No travel. Quiet holidays. Vacation. A bit of time for some programming 🤓