September mood
Image credit: Cats Coming

September 2023

It’s almost the end of summer in North Carolina … yay! It’s still really warm and humid, but we also get the Labor Day Weekend. And we’re going to Europe on vacation. So, all in all, it’s not a bad month 🙂

Here’s September:

  • Brussels — art museums. A bit rainy, but nice fall weather. Coffee shops. Amazing pastries and coffee. Lots of walking. Vacation!
  • Paris — lots of museums. Lots of walking. Lots of tourists everywhere, even in September. Even more amazing pastries and coffee. A boat tour on the canals of Paris. Some fancy dinners. This vacation thing is not bad … I should do this more often 😉

Short version: September — end of summer, Labor Day Weekend. Vacation. Brussels. Paris. Lots of pastries and coffee 🙂

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P.S. I found the perfect spot in Raleigh, NC for when I crave bread and croissants and delicious coffee. It’s a bakery named Boulted Bread … (carb) heaven on earth! 🙂