December mood
Image credit: Monstera

December 2022

We made it! Yet another year is coming to a close. So much happened in 2022. Trees in the yard and on the deck. New deck. A few business trips. Teenager off to college. And yes, COVID is still a thing, so we got another booster.

Here is December:

  • Business trip to Minneapolis — first time back to Minneapolis in many years. And yes, it was freezing! 🥶
  • Holidays and vacation — Christmas and New Year’s Eve were nice and quiet, and I took some time off to recharge. It was a long year!
  • No yardwork due to work-work — the last few months were intense at my day-job. So there was no time for any meaningful yardwork. Oh well, maybe next year 🤷‍♂️
  • New electronics — got some new micro-controllers and other stuff to program and futz with. I’m excited! This is a new world for me 🤓
  • Cautiously looking forward to the new year — already know that 2023 will be crazy busy with lots of stuff happening. One day at a time … right? 🙂

Short version: December — we made it through another year. Quiet holidays. Time off from work and a bit of time for some new hobby projects 🤓