September mood
Image credit: Min An

September 2022

Summer is over (finally!), and it’s cooling down ever so slightly. Labor Day came and went, and we’re “back to work” for real.

Here’s September:

  • Labor Day — officially lobbying for more 3+-day weekends! 😊
  • New favorite coffee shop — I have known about this coffee shop for years but had only been there once or twice. Now it’s a “home away from home” many mornings before work 😊
  • Having brunch with the teenager in college — well, we need to feed the teenager every once in a while, and what is better than big brunches?
  • Work-work is picking up the pace — yes, we’re back in the salt mines, and the race toward end-of-year deliverables is on.
  • COVID and flu shots — I figured this would be a great precaution. I may still get sick, but hopefully, it’ll be less severe. 😷

Short version: September — Labor Way. Work, work, work. New routines and new favorite coffee shop. Brunching in a college town. COVID booster and flu shots.