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Image credit: Nathan Dumlao

Crazy Project - Part Deux

I have now been at it for a few months and am making so-so progress. I got a new Gatsby-based blog up and running, but I’m not happy with the look and feel. So now I’m futzing around with a new theme and am probably spending too much time customizing it.

On top of that, my day-job and work-related travel are getting in the way. Although I have the dev environment running in virtual servers in the cloud, it’s hard to get some things done as I only have access to my work laptop. And that one is so locked down that I can only use browser-based tools.

But I don’t have access to my MacBook where I have graphics tools, proper IDEs, and so on. I can’t even access Dropbox or Google Drive directly from my work laptop.

In short: it’s slow going. Then there’s the fact that I’d like to play a lot more with my Raspberry PIs. However, with this work laptop and all the travel, I’m locked in to only working on specific parts of this project.

So, what’s the solution? Not sure yet, but I’ll need to rethink this a bit. It somewhat defeats the purpose of having a fun side project when that turns into a frustrating chore.

Ok … I may need to rethink a few things now.